Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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The man, BaSUG CEO

Sanmi TAIWO is a man with the vision to Building a Successful Generation (BaSUG).

His passion is to ensure the success of his generation and enjoy it, thereby leaving a footprint for the coming generations

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As an Engineer, he is electrically and electromechanically certified with several experiences in Bottling Operations. He is vast in Fluids (compressible) Power System, Electrical Power Systems, AC electric motors with power and control circuits, Programmable Logical control (PLC), Microcontroller…

As a Scientist, he is currently pursuing B.Sc in Computer Science. He loves blogging. He designs this website by himself. He also loves graphics design. Talk of internet architecture, he is in love too.

As a Leader, he is currently learning at Nehemiah Leadership Institute (NLI). Also, he is leading a Christian worship centre as a Pastor In Charge in one of the leading Gospel Churches in Nigeria.

As a Rabbi, he has undergone several life changing training. He also holds a certificate of a School of Disciple, and he is now a qualified Lecturer in the School.

As a Writer, he has written and published in hard copies, at least three (3) books successfully. One of the books cover is as shown below

Jesus the specialist in broken-hearts healing

Watch our eBook page here as we bring you the latest in our writing from now on

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As a Worshipper/Rapper, he is a song writer and minister. He started as a Chorister in a Church in 1999 as a young boy. In 2005, he started writing songs when he realised he could put musical words together. He has released, at least, four (4) singles namely:

  • Rewarder
  • Not Gonna Go
  • Pass Me Not
  • Something Missing (see link below to listen/download)


Something Missing by BaSUG, Sanmi TAIWO




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