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Now Therefore Arise

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Now Therefore Arise

Text: Joshua 1:1-2

Josh.1.1 – Now after the death of Moses the servant of the LORD it came to pass, that the LORD spake unto Joshua the son of Nun, Moses’ minister, saying,
Josh.1.2 – Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel.

Now therefore, arise. Snap out of that dream. Take action. You have dreamt so long enough. Stop day-dreaming. Start doing.

Now therefore, arise. Get out of depression. Snap out of self-pity. You are endowed. You are blessed of the Almighty. You are not finished yet. Yes, you my reader. You are a legend, only you have not stepped out yet.

Do you think there is no more hope for you? Do you think your nation is hopeless because there is no real leader to lead the nation to the next level? Come, let us reason together.

First, let’s talk about the man, Moses


Politically, the man, Moses was a success. He was trained in Pharaoh’s Palace, the most successful political settings of the world at that time. He led Israelites through it all, day and night, he was there with them and for them.

Art of War

He was vast in the art of war to manage his people through the battles and challenges of life, having, in his youth, trained under the best army of the world in Egypt. He knew when to use Scouts, how to use information gathered by the Scouts. He was expert in every formation, attack and defense. He knew when to move and when to stop because the pillar of cloud was leading him by day and the pillar of fire was with him by night (Exodus 13:21, 14:24).


Spiritually, Moses was in command, and as a result, physically, no one dared him and got away with it. Initially, he ran away from Egypt, but when he returned as a Spirit-filled man of God, he tormented the tormentors, and his request was granted by the same tormentor.

Korah tried rebellion against Moses, but his demise and that of his accomplice was devastating. The congregation felt for them a they went down into Sheol alive (Numbers 16).

His brother Aaron and sister Mariam tried to scold him, in the process, they were humiliated and humbled before they could get it done.

Sihon, king of the Amorites who would not honour his request but chose to fight eventually lost all he and his people ever laboured for (Numbers 21:21-32)

Og, the king of Bashan tried his best until he had no survivor left to him in the fight against Moses and Israel (Numbers 21:33-35).

Thus, the man, Moses was all-round great, and the man passed away.

The Man Joshua

Joshua was one of the leaders who led the weeping and mourning for Moses in the plains of Moab, for thirty (30) days.

After these days, suddenly, they realised life must continue, but not without direction. So, confusion reigned in their hearts. Information no longer flows Top-Down. Stagnancy crept in. And actually, there is no stagnancy anywhere. If you critically consider, and you agree with me, you will notice you are either developing or dilapidating. You are either progressing or regressing. You are either appreciating or depreciating.

In the midst of all these, God spoke to Joshua saying, you have not been anointed in vain. You have not been trained/schooled in vain. You have not bought/received those textbooks in vain. That your brain is not for fun alone. Now therefore, all that your eyes have been able to see, all that your heart understood before the departure of Moses are to be put to action. These are the same statements God is today saying to you my reader.

God is saying to you, now therefore, arise, look at those you reference as Leaders, for they have no better certificates. Take another look at them, they have not two heads but just one like yours. So, why should you look down on yourself? Now therefore, arise and take that political step. It would amase you the height you can attain as you move in.

My dear reader, do you think there is no help for/to you anymore because that father/mother/uncle is gone? Far from the truth. Joshua felt like that too anyway. But God is saying to you now therefore, arise, be strong and be courageous, for the journey is still far and great ahead of you.

Joseph was betrayed, rejected, dejected and left in cold, yet he got to the throne because he kept hope alive and kept pushing. He did not down-tool, you too should not.

Is your life falling apart? is your home in disarray? Now therefore, arise and do the needful. Put your home in order. Set your life straight on Jesus.

Finally, Joseph Ayo Babalola arose for revival in his generation. Reinhard Bonnke arose and came to Africa. Almost everyone, if not all, saw it as it is in the video below

E.A Adeboye is going round the world with the message of the Almighty God. Won’t you arise now and set things straight? How long will you stay among the sheepfolds just to hear the bleatings of the flocks like Reuben? (Judges 5:16). Won’t you get away now from the congregation of mourners and wailers, and set things right?

You are the Joshua we need, now therefore, arise.


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