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Parenting 102; Communication

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Parenting 102; Communication

Relationships with BaSUG

Today we want to talk about communication in parenting. Communication is so crucial if you must succeed as parent. In our series, Relationships with BaSUG, on WhatsApp, we stumbled on this topic, Parenting, and we talked about it, Parenting 101, on 12th of July, 2020.

You can see the flyer and the lecture as recorded in the link below:

Parenting 101 https://www.basugclub.com.ng/2020/07/parenting-101/

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Parenting 102; Communication

I learnt, while in school that communication is an integral part of an organisation. On this group, when we talked about “Home: Leadership” on 2nd June, 2020, we looked at it from the angle of a well structured organisation.

If you put the two together, therefore, it reveals to us that communication is key, and so essential in our relationships.

It is a key because it opens doors to anything. Anything, positive or negative. So, we can actually call it the “master key” in relationships. A Yoruba adage says, “A simple sorry does so much more to the heart than mouth could explain.” And another says, “A sorry could be positive (female) or it could be negative (male).” sigh… I do not know how better to put that in English.

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Therefore, communication is a skill that needs to be learnt. Learn how to talk with older person, peer, subordinate, associate, colleague, friend… why? Because all these would pose different challenge.

Moreover, when you learn, you have added something to your locker/pocket. You can reach to it for use each time the need arises.

One of the best way to learn, however, is to constantly and consistently assess/evaluate your recipients’ feedback. This feedback could be verbal or non-verbal. You should know communication isn’t complete without feedback. When you feed-forward, expect feedback, ask for feedback, wait for feedback…

Similarly, you should know assumption could be costly. I’m saying this based on the little experience i have got in life, and the little acquired from the art of war. In the Bible, king Saul assumed he could perform the duty of Samuel, the Prophet, but he lost everything as a result (1Samuel 13:8-14). Do not lose your home because of assumption

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Again I say, when in doubt, when it’s not cleared, ask questions, and wait for feedback. If it is not coming, calmly emphasis it. Encourage it. Ensure the feedback comes. (What to do with feedback is an entire topic for another time).

Do not be too rigid like a dictionary. Even the military, in expedition, wether punitive or defensive, send out scouts (feed-forward) and wait for the scouts to return with feedback before they launch campaign.

God bless you. Keep keeping safe in the hollow of Christ’s hand.

And feel free to contact us through any medium here.

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