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[MUSIC] The Tribute by Temitayo Oluwasegun

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[MUSIC] The Tribute by Temitayo Oluwasegun

Pastor Jide's Tribute song art
Tribute song art

The Tribute is a song by Temitayo Oluwasegun feat. Victoria Olubori & Jude Olubori in loving memory of Pastor Maxwell Jide Olubori.

Temitayo Oluwasegun is a Word and music minister who conveys the heart of the Lord to the populace.

To the glory of God he has written many songs that blessed lives.

He’s here with a new song “The Tribute” to show it pays to live for God.

The memory of the just is blessed. The Tribute by Temitayo Oluwasegun Feat. Jude Olubori & Victoria Olubori is a song that inspires a Godly and selfless life.

Download the song below and listen.

download here

FB/IG: Temitayo Oluwasegun

WhatsApp: +2348032635044

Twitter: @temitayo_seg

Youtube: Temitayo Oluwasegun

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God bless you abundantly!


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